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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Better Together Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with a book with a feather, an armor stand and updated elytres that will help you fly higher in Creative mode.

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

Developers from Mojang Studios have released another beta build of Better Together. It was the version of Minecraft PE

This time, the developers added not much content, but this is more than offset by its importance.

Thus, Minecraft players will be able to use a book with a feather and an armor stand. This is not to mention the numerous small bug fixes.

Book with pen

The team decided to finally add the long-awaited item from the PC version of the game. Now any player will be able to write their own story in the book using the pen.

In order to craft a book with a pen, you first need to create a book and then connect it with a pen.

This mechanic of Minecraft can be used by map makers, as well as ordinary players. The fact. that this is how you can leave notes to your friends.

Armor rack

Also, the developers of Minecraft from Mojang Studios took care of introducing a new entity into the game.

Now all players and card makers have new opportunities to create their own interesting maps.

You can change the pose at the armor rack by using the red dust signal.

Be sure to try using this item in order to create an interesting map or trap. Well, of course, you can safely equip it with the help of your armor and weapons in Minecraft PE

MCPE Changes

In the new update, the team decided to make small changes to the behavior of an item like Elytra.

Pressing the Jump button while planning in Creative Mode will now take you up.


  • How to use elytra?

    Elitres are put on in the bib slot. To activate elytra, when falling from a height, you need to press the Space bar, after which the "hover mode" is activated. The direction of flight is set by the player's gaze. To adjust the speed, look up (decrease speed, slow down the descent) or down (increase the speed, accelerate the descent). Looking straight up will lead to a full stop and fall, and looking straight down will go into a dive and start gaining tremendous speed.
  • How to change the pose of an armor stand in Minecraft PE

    To do this, you need to signal red dust or sit down and click on it.
  • How to climb up on elytra in creative mode?

    In creative mode, just press the "Jump" button to make the character fly higher.