Download mods for bees for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download bee mods for Minecraft PE and add very useful and hardworking insects to the game world.

Top Mods for Bees for Minecraft PE

The developers added bees to the Minecraft PE world for a long time. These insects are capable of collecting pollen from plants and producing honeycomb . However, even this is not enough for some users.

Moreover, in older versions of the game, bees did not exist at all. For this reason, various fashions have emerged that bring in industrious insects.

From now on, each player will have the opportunity to build a an apiary for collecting honey . All of this has become a reality thanks to enthusiastic developers.


The Forestree mod is considered one of the oldest and most popular bee addons . In addition to buzzing insects, he brings a huge amount of items to Minecraft PE. Also, in the modification, bees are subdivided into several subspecies.

Important: Each variety of bees produces honey of different quality. The higher it is, the more units of hunger will replenish the treat.

Obviously, bees with the modification need to be well looked after . After all, someone can attack their hives and steal all the honey.


The presented mod also brings bees to Minecraft PE. However, this development differs from the previous one in that it replaces the existing content of the game . The author of the add-on decided to add hardworking insects instead of bats.

Info: Bees got the same habitat and behavior as cave mice. Therefore, insects are quite common underground.

In this case, the hives of the add-on took the place of the cocoa beans . Bees fly into such blocks, and they turn into honey. All that remains is to collect it and fry it in the oven before eating.

Rainbow bees

This mod for Minecraft PE is fundamentally different from other developments on this topic. It is supported only on those publications where bees already exist. The add-on brings a large number of colorful buzzing insects to the game world.

The mod does not add new functionality to the bees, but only changes their appearance.

It’s worth noting that combinations of different colors create rainbow bees . These insects will brighten up your everyday survival process.


  • What is the name of the most famous bee mod for Minecraft PE?

    Forestry add-on is a popular development on this topic.
  • What creatures does the second add-on from the presented collection replace?

    Mod replaces bats with bees.
  • What is the difference between the third development on bees?

    They differ in that they only change the appearance of already existing insects.