Download Tractor mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.21.1

Download Tractor mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to get help in harvesting, sowing a field and other farmer’s affairs.

The best Tractor mods for Minecraft PE

The developers of Minecraft PE have already released many different updates, in which they added and improved the farming mechanics. So now, for players who just want to survive, it is easier to sow huge fields with wheat than to run after pigs and then fry their meat.

Nevertheless, this is a rather laborious process. After all, you need to prepare the soil, sow the seeds of the same wheat, and then collect it again. And so in a circle.

The creators of add-ons for Minecraft PE decided to improve the state of peaceful farming players, and therefore developed tractor mods. He will become an irreplaceable assistant in agriculture.


Global mod for Minecraft PE, which will add agricultural machinery in the form of a tractor and its tools for it. Please note that you will have to craft everything for it yourself, so prepare the necessary resources.

It is worth noting that all the tools are made in 3D-style , so they will look beautiful even in the player’s hand.

In order to craft a tractor in Minecraft PE, you first have to create a special workbench, and then spend a lot of iron ore and obsidian.

Installing tools on equipment can be quite simple: go up and click on the button that appears. Then you can plow the land, sow the field, use bone meal and harvest.

More crops

Another great mod for Minecraft PE, which will turn the game into a paradise for farmers. After all, now more than 20 new types of food and 6 crops will be available to minecrafters.

Albii also decided to add a tractor with tools to Minecraft PE, allowing for much faster field processing.

It is worth trying this addon if only because survival will be much more interesting now.


  • What are tractors for Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to make farming easier.
  • How can you build a tractor for survival?

    To do this, you will need to collect a lot of resources, and then use a special workbench for crafting.
  • What resources are needed to craft a tractor?

    To create you have to collect a lot of iron and obsidian.