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Minecraft PE 1.11.0: Village and Pillage

Finally, the developers at Mojang have released the highly anticipated Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 update. It is almost entirely aimed at transforming village life . Now in the settlements you can meet different inhabitants. And sometimes you even have to protect them from the raids of robbers.


Most of the effort in Minecraft 1.11.0 was on the villagers, robbers and more .


From now on, the player, having come to the village, will no longer see the inhabitants of this area familiar to him. More precisely, they will be slightly different in appearance and functionality.

In Minecraft PE 1.11.0, each of them gains experience when trading, with which they can increase their level. With each new level new items for trade will be available .

Villagers now also heal when they sleep.

Outpost Inhabitants

With Minecraft PE 1.11.0, these creatures have become slightly kinder: they now do not kill children in villages . But at the same time, these hostile creatures became even stronger. For example, advocates can break down doors that could previously be used to hide.

Other changes in MCPE 1.11.0

The developers from Mojang have prepared a few more innovations:

  • itinerant merchants drink invisibility potion at sunset;
  • cats spawn in villages on beds;
  • an iron golem spawns in a cage in an outpost;
  • Llamas will no longer be able to breed.


robberies by the outpost inhabitants deserve special attention in Minecraft 1.11.0. While wandering around the world, the player may encounter a small group of robbers. Among them will be their leader with the corresponding flag. Killing him will apply the Brand of Trouble effect.

TIP: To get rid of this effect, you need to drink milk.

If you visit any village with this effect, a raid will begin .


Minecraft PE 1.11.0 also brought some interesting tools to the game. For example, using the map table you can expand or even copy maps . And on the stone cutter, you can now cut various stones.

In addition to all this, the composter, smokehouse, smelter and barrel have functionality since Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.11.0.


  • What happens if you repel a raid?

    You will be given the "Hero of the Village" effect, thanks to which you will receive discounts from the villagers.
  • What can be dropped from hostile creatures during a raid?

    The most valuable thing can be dropped by the summoner - the totem of immortality.
  • How can I expand my map in Minecraft PE 1.11.0?

    Place this map on the cartographic table along with a blank sheet of paper.