Download boss mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download boss mods for Minecraft PE and fight huge creatures that are much more powerful than the edge dragon!

Top Boss Mods in Minecraft PE

As you know, there are only 2 bosses in Minecraft PE. Any experienced player can easily win the battle with both. Therefore, there is often a need for new and stronger mobs. These desires can be realized precisely by these modifications. They add a wide variety of bosses to the game.

Legendary Beast PE

This mod adds 5 bosses to Minecraft PE. Each of them can be summoned in survival mode by constructing an element for summoning. The exception is the lightning spirit.

TIP: There is a diamond in all 4 crafting methods. With this you can learn the recipes themselves .

When you kill a boss, a valuable item drops from him. This can be staff or something else .

Bosscraft PE

This add-on has some similarities to the previous one and also adds bosses to Minecraft PE. But unlike him, there are more new items here. For example, after defeating any of the new creatures, certain items drop out. With their help, you can craft souls, each of which gives a certain effect .

These bosses can be summoned using special pieces of paper. Ordinary leaflets are used to craft them.

Wither Storm

Most players are familiar with the power of the wither in Minecraft PE. Despite its destructiveness, it is not that difficult to kill. However, after installing this add-on, everything will change dramatically. The Wither will be replaced with a a huge monster that will be extremely difficult to kill .

FACT: The new monster is very similar to the one in Minecraft: Story Mode.

Ice Warrior

The last and most likely the most powerful boss in Minecraft PE. It is worth carefully preparing for it. This warrior has 440 hearts and deals 18 damage . He is also able to impose a slowdown effect on the player. If this is not enough for him, then he will begin to call on various assistants.

Experimental player mode should be enabled for the addon to work.

Dark Mage

The developer of this mod has implemented a new powerful boss in Minecraft PE. This is dark magician , which has 1000 health and 15 attack. Most often it can be found at night in the tundra forest biome.

The dark mage has enormous damage resistance and incredible attack speed. The boss is also able to teleport and emit fireballs . We do not recommend messing with him without good equipment and potions.


  • How to install Legendary Beast PE and Bosscraft PE mods?

    These files are in .modpkg extension. You just need to install them via BlockLauncher, and the textures will be automatically loaded.
  • There are two folders in the Wither Storm archive, which one to install?

    Any of them you can install. The only difference is in color: one of them is red and the other is purple.
  • Can I play the first two mods on newer versions?

    Perhaps, if there is a BlockLauncher with the corresponding version, it will work. But the mods are not guaranteed to work.