Download the mod for Running on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.10.0 - 1.20.81

Download running mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to use improved animation of movement in your favorite game, even in the style of the anime character Naruto.

Best Running Mods for Minecraft PE

The developers from Mojang Studios have already released many global updates to Minecraft PE. They all add interesting blocks, items, mechanics and even mobs. But one thing remains the same. Namely, the running animation, which makes you wonder at its lack of elaboration.

The cube world is a convenient platform for various modifications. Authors from all over the world create unique add-ons to improve the gameplay.

Running mods for Minecraft PE allow you to get better animation, and also make it possible to move much faster.


This add-on for Minecraft PE allows you to look at the world of the familiar game in a different way. Perhaps you are bored with the old movements of various mobs. In this running mod, the following mobs have the edited animation:

  • zombie;
  • skeleton;
  • wither skeleton;
  • zombie pig;
  • cadaver;
  • zombie villager;
  • enderman;
  • blaze;
  • wolf.

Now you have a whole world of hostile creatures that move, fight and run in a new way.


A small running mod allows the player to navigate the world in a completely different way. With the help of this add-on for Minecraft PE, you have to learn to move again.

New animation of your character will allow you to move realistically and run very fast.


Fans of the famous anime should like the new addition to Minecraft PE, where the player can run like Naruto.

Become a real ninja in Minecraft PE and fight horrible monsters using updated running animations.

The Naruto running mod offers two movement animations. The first is that the character’s hands are behind his back, as in the classic Naruto series.

The second type of running allows the player to use jitsu to attack their opponents.


  • What are the changes in movement in Minecraft PE in the fashion for running Naruto?

    By downloading this mod you will get two animations of movement. First, the character's hands are behind his back. During the second animation, the player can use jutsu.
  • What mobs changed the animation in the Run mod?

    The running mod for Minecraft PE changes the animation of the running of the zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, pig zombie, cadaver, zombie villager, enderman, blaze and wolves.
  • Can I download the mod for running Naruto?

    Yes, in this collection of mods for Minecraft PE there is a mod for running Naruto.