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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

Finally, the Mojang developers have released the next version from the 1.14 branch. It is worth noting that this update is called The Humming Bees . From this it can be understood that, basically, all innovations are associated with these insects.


In Minecraft only one mob was added . Despite this, it has numerous properties. These insects have 10 health units and live in groups near the hives. They love flowers very much, but at the same time they are afraid of water.

FACT: If you hold flowers in your hand, soon bees will start to sit next to you .

These creatures in Minecraft PE are not hostile to the player. But if you hit them, they will start attacking in a group . In this case, the eyes of the bees will turn red, which will mean aggression.

This type of mob can be bred using flowers.


Naturally, appropriate conditions are necessary for the habitation of these creatures. Therefore, in Minecraft there were such blocks as hive, bee nest, honeycomb blocks . It is worth noting the fact that bees can live both in the nest and in the hive. Moreover, if the first block can be created, then the second can only be obtained with a pickaxe with a silk touch enchantment.

Honeycomb blocks, in turn, do not carry any functionality. They serve only as decoration.


In Minecraft PE, as many as 3 new items have appeared: honeycomb, honey bubbles and summon eggs . Bubbles of Honey are very useful as they restore 6 points of satiety.

FACT: There is no longer such food in the game that can restore that many points of satiety.

Other minor fixes in Minecraft PE

Mojang made a few more changes in MCPE

  • projectiles can be fired through a gap formed between two blocks of honey;
  • bees in Minecraft PE do not fly into burning hives or nests;
  • the trident does not bounce over blocks of honey.


  • How can you make a bottle of honey?

    Must be used on hives or nests. It is also crafted from a block of honey and 4 cones.
  • How do bees attack if you hit them?

    They sting the player, who then gets poisoned. The bees that stung the player die after about a minute.
  • What do the bees do with the flowers?

    They pollinate them and then fly to their nests. Soon after, the nest will be filled with honey.