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Download Minecraft

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live and play with improved graphics, explore the mysterious biome of rocky peaks.

Minecraft Features

One of the most interesting innovations is the emergence of a cool graphics editor.

In Minecraft Bedrock, this new product is called Render Dragon. With the help of this feature, it is easy to customize the appearance of objects, to make the Sandbox visual brighter and more saturated.

In addition, Render Dragon improves the graphics of the Sandbox.

This is especially evident in the caves. Now such locations are vibrant with a variety of colors, and the texture of adjacent blocks has become sharper at times.

Rocky peaks

Rocky Peaks is a new biome that recently appeared in Minecraft

The location chip is that the site is located on a hill. The insurmountable height greatly complicates the process of movement, therefore it is very difficult to get to the final goal. However, it’s worth it!

The rocky peaks are rich in various resources. Here you can find everything you need for harsh survival and even more.


Axolotl is very rare in the game . This is due to the fact that the mob prefers not to interact with anyone and lead a detached lifestyle.

But it may also happen that in Minecraft PE the character will appear to you.

In case of danger, the NPC will protect Steve and will do everything possible so that the player regains his health.

It is worth noting that the axolotl has a friendly attitude. Therefore, the hero will not attack, much less attack first.

Deep Slate

Finding deep shale in Minecraft is quite simple. It is necessary to go to the very depths of the caves, it is there that all deposits of valuable stone are generated.

A regular pickaxe will do to mine the block . After the destruction of the stone, grains will appear in your inventory, melt them in the furnace.

New items

Minecraft PE also has several new features that deserve your attention:

  • experimental features from the second part of the Mountain and Cave update are now available;
  • fixed a bug with undead spawning, mobs now spawn only in the dark;
  • Large ore veins have been added to the world map.