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Minecraft PE 0.12.3 – What’s New?

The Mojang developers have done a great job on this MPCE 0.12.3 update. They added new features to the game that will definitely not let you get bored. In addition, the player can now enter the netherworld , which consists of hellstone and lava.


7 new mobs appeared in Minecraft 0.12.3 at once. Among them, the iron golem deserves special attention. You can summon it by building a certain structure of iron blocks and pumpkins. This creature is player neutral, but attacks hostile mobs . He spawns in the villages he protects.

In addition to the iron golem, a snow golem has also been added. However, it cannot deal damage.


They are another equally interesting part of Minecraft PE 0.12.3. The player now has the ability to enchant items and even repair them. And he can do this with the help of an enchantment table and an anvil, respectively. It also became possible to brew potions.

TIP: In order to increase the level of enchantments in the table, you need to next to add bookshelves .


You can get here in Minecraft PE 0.12.3 using the obsidian portal. The portal should be 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks high at least. After that, this structure should be set on fire . The fire will disappear and the portal is activated. Once in hell, the player will mainly see lava and hell stones spilled everywhere.

Due to the addition of the nether world, the reactor can no longer be crafted.


Quite a few of them have been added to Minecraft PE 0.12.3. However, these are mainly ingredients for making potions. Also worth mentioning is the the enchanted golden apple . Having eaten such an apple, the player can confidently engage in battle with any hostile creature.


  • What else has been added to Minecraft PE 0.12.3?

    Bar of hunger and experience. Hunger can be replenished with food. And experience, in turn, is obtained by killing various mobs.
  • What happens if you die in hell?

    The player will be moved to the place of his spawn in the normal world.
  • What is the new button on the right side of the Minecraft 0.12.3 screen?

    This button is for jumping. A squat button has been added to its original location.