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Version MCPE for Android
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Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live : Rebirth in Hell, a tame mob and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE Nether Update?

Developers from Mojang Studios never cease to delight players with new updates. They made huge changes in Minecraft For example, in the Nether, the number of biomes has now increased from one to five.

There is also a new material, nether that can only be obtained from the Nether.

World Generation

First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of new locations in Minecraft There are four of them, among which basalt delta and crimson forest deserve special attention.

Basalt delta

This area has a special atmosphere and stands out from the rest of the biomes in Minecraft PE This can be explained by the presence of ash particles in the atmosphere . In addition, this area can be called the hottest place in the entire Hellish world.

Interesting: Sometimes, during a long stay in the basalt delta, you can hear the crackle of the Geiger counter (the sound made in places with increased radiation).

Crimson Forest

In the crimson forest, unlike the basalt delta, everything is quite peaceful and calm in Minecraft, which cannot be said about the inhabitants of this location – piglins and hoglins … By the way, in the crimson forest everything is in red, which, in fact, is what the name of the biome says.

Hoglins can be multiplied with the crimson forest mushrooms.


Naturally, Minecraft PE Nether Update could not do without new creatures. In addition to the piglins and hoglins, which were mentioned earlier, there was also a strider, brutal piglin and zoglin .

The Brutal Piglin is simply a more brutal kind of Piglins that protect the chests in the remains of the bastion. And zoglins appear when hoglin enters the ordinary world.


This mob deserves special attention, because its can be tamed in Minecraft This can be done with the help of mushrooms that grow in a distorted forest. It is necessary to control the strider using the same mushroom on a stick.

Fact: Strider is the only tameable mob in Hell.

Target and Respawn Anchor

In addition to biomes and mobs, such interesting blocks as a target and an anchor of revival appeared in Minecraft PE When an arrow hits a target, this block gives a redstone signal .

And the respawn anchor allows the user to respawn right in the Nether .

Fixes in Minecraft

And finally, the developers have fixed two important bugs in Minecraft PE One of them was the incorrect operation of custom skins in multiplayer. The other is a crash that could have occurred when the game was stopped.


  • How to craft a target block in MCPE

    This requires a block of hay and 4 red dust.
  • How to activate the revive anchor?

    To fully charge the spawn anchor, you need 4 glowing stones.
  • How to set a spawn point in Minecraft PE Hell?

    You just need to anchor the spawn and click on it, after which the spawn point will be saved.