Minecraft PE 1.19.81

Version MCPE 1.19.81 for Android

Download Minecraft 1.19.81 on Android with a working Xbox Live and improve the appearance of armor using Templates or try to breed a Sniffer.

Minecraft 1.19.81 Release

The developers of Mojang Studios again decided to please the players with a fairly large-scale update, in which not only new plants appeared in the cubic world, but also a wide variety of innovations.

Minecraft 1.19.81 will delight users with unusual features, including improving the appearance of armor and the ability to search for ancient objects. It will also be possible to find music discs with new melodies in several biomes at once.


Now the Sniffer egg can be found in Suspicious Sand which is in the Ruins of Warm Oceans. Also, this mob can be propagated using the Torchflower plant.

Thanks to changes in the mechanics of his behavior in Minecraft PE 1.19.81, it will be even more interesting for players to interact with him. It is worth noting that now this creature will not dig up seeds in water.

Archaeological excavations

It will be very interesting not only the search process itself but also the items that players can find during it. The fact is that now they are not only fragments of an ancient clay vase but also music discs.

The main thing to remember is that blocks of Suspicious sand are very fragile and can collapse. In this case, the hero will not receive any new items. In Minecraft 1.19.81, this activity can become one of the most memorable adventures.

Other changes

In addition to various innovations in Minecraft PE 1.19.81, the developers have fixed several bugs. For example, Pitcher textures have become lighter and brighter. From it, you can now get not one, but two types of dyes at once.

New hints have also been added and experimental camera commands have been fixed. Players will notice that new splash screen texts have been added in this version, corresponding to Trails & Tales Update.


  • What seeds can Sniffers find in Minecraft 1.19.81?

    Torchflower and Pitcher.
  • What are the Templates used for in MCPE 1.19.81?

    To decorate armor.
  • Where can players find suspicious sand?

    In the desert and under water.