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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and enjoy a more stable version!

Minecraft PE Nether Update

With big updates comes a lot of different game bugs. And as they find them, the developers at Mojang Studios quickly fix it. In Minecraft PE, we fixed an impressive number of bugs and also made some changes regarding mobs and blocks.


Minecraft brings Bedrock and Java editions closer together. For example, dolphins now dry up at the same rate as in Java Edition . To be more precise, it takes two minutes.

In addition, from now on, discounts for Hero of the Village effect or when a villager is cured correspond to discounts from the Java Edition.

Another useful change is that you no longer need to descend to the experience pieces at sea, as they can float on the surface.

Other minor changes

Minecraft PE also has other small fixes and changes. One of these is resolving a compass error while in a boat . This device gave the user incorrect data, which could be confusing.


It is in Minecraft that you can find hostile creatures during a thunderstorm during the day . After all, in fact, the sun does not shine, and they can safely roam the game world.

Also, if you try to cut the snowman , the user will get a pumpkin with a cut out face.

Fixes in Minecraft PE

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft did not forget about working on bugs:

  • incorrect rail power supply in the X axis;
  • incorrect movement of turtles and dolphins towards the water;
  • unstable work of collecting fish with a bucket;
  • falling blocks did not break after a long fall.


  • Are there any innovations in Minecraft PE version

    No, there are only changes and bug fixes.
  • Can you respawn in Hell?

    Yes, this is available using the revival anchor, which is crafted from 6 weeping obsidian blocks and 3 glowstone blocks.
  • How to find weeping obsidian in MCPE

    It can be found in the ruined Nether portal.