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Download Minecraft PE for android for free and get acquainted with bees, hives, honey and other important changes!

What’s updated in MCPE 1.14.01?

With the release of Minecraft, the game saw a reduction in a large number of errors, which helped the cube world to successfully reach a new level. The new branch 1.14 was named Bees & Honey.


Bees build honeycombs in Minecraft, go in search of nectar and return home. After a while, the combs will enlarge and you will be able to collect honey.

Bees will be passive if it is raining and also if you are around. Although they are peaceful, you should not attack them, because in this case, a whole swarm will attack you .


By the name of the version, it becomes clear that honey will definitely be present in the game. There won’t be too many blocks, because the only thing that bees can create is honeycomb and honey.

Cell Blocks

Completely decorative block that can be created by collecting honeycombs in Minecraft

Honey is collected in honeycombs and it would be logical to assume that honey can also be stored in honeycomb blocks. But there is no such function in them, at least in the 1.14 branch. Most likely in the future it will be possible to do this.

Honey Blocks

In Minecraft there is a slime block which has some useful properties. There are times when it is needed, but in order to do this, you need to find slimes that have rarely spawned lately.

Honey blocks will come to the rescue. They have the same functionality as slimes , but unfortunately they cannot be jumped or redstone signals.

Honey blocks can also move multiple blocks using pistons.

When falling on it, the damage is reduced by 80%.


Bees in Minecraft PE now have the need for their own home . A dwelling is needed in order to hide from dangers and store honey. Especially for this, the developers from Mojang have added wild and homemade hives.

Wild Hive

This is a natural bee house in Minecraft 1.14.01, which appears on a tree with a 5% chance. They are mostly regenerated near the flower meadow so that the bees have access to the flowers.

Hives can be obtained with scissors or silk-touch weapons.

If you try in some other way to get a hive, then you will be attacked by the bees in it.

Homemade Hives

Crafted from six boards of any kind and three honeycombs. Can accommodate a maximum of 3 bees in the same way that honey is collected in them.

But in order to collect it, you need to wait for the third level , which grows every time the bees fly into the hive.

Skin Editor

Players periodically need to change skins. However, to change it, you have to spend a lot of time. The new version of the game added the most awaited MCPE function – a skin editor.

If desired, the user can change his character to his liking: add a beard, change the color of the eyes, change the shape of the body, limbs, etc. But what makes this feature more interesting is the fact that everything is available in 3D.

Mojang introduced us to a major update. Now all that remains is to wait for the implementation, the path to which has to be overcome through bug fixes.


  • How to Download Minecraft

    Minecraft PE version you can download by clicking on the green button. After switching to another page, wait 5 seconds. Next, you will receive a link to the APK file.
  • What do bees do in Minecraft PE

    Bees build honeycombs, go in search of nectar and return home.
  • What are Hives for?

    Hives are needed to hide from dangers and store honey.
  • How to make a hive?

    A homemade hive is made of six boards of any kind and three hundred.
  • What is a wild hive?

    This is a natural bee house in Minecraft 1.14.01, which appears on a tree with a 5% chance.