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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with a completely transformed lower world!

What’s new in Minecraft PE Nether Update?

As you know, from the earliest versions of the game, Hell has hardly been updated. Therefore, he has already managed to bore many players. The Mojang developers decided to fix this by devoting a whole thread to updating the underworld. They added to Minecraft a large number of new blocks, mobs and even the ability to respawn right in hell .


In Minecraft PE, 5 new biomes appeared at once. Each of them has unique features.

Title Description
Bastion Ruins Reminds me of a large ruined castle. Consists of 4 structures, including treasure . A favorite place for piglins.
Basalt delta Has a rather dark atmosphere. It is also in this location that ash particles fall from the sky.
Crimson Forest The name of this biome speaks for itself: everything is in red here . Home to hoglins and piglins.
Valley of Soul Sand Quite boring area in Minecraft, with a bluish atmosphere in which skeletons live.
Twisted Forest Unlike the crimson forest, everything here is blue.

TIP: The Distorted Forest can help in the extraction of pearls of the land, as you can find a large number of endermen here.

Respawn Anchor

This block can be called one of the most interesting innovations in Minecraft PE It allows to set the spawn point right in hell . But it is worth considering that the charge of the revival anchor will decrease with each revival. It can be charged up to a maximum of 4 units using a glowing stone.

Respawn Anchor can be obtained in Survival mode using Weeping Obsidian and Glowstone.


With the release of Minecraft, 4 new mobs have appeared in the game. Among them, strider deserves special attention. This creature spawns near lava lakes and can walk on lava. It is player neutral and tameable.

FACT: Strider is the only tameable mob in hell.


And the latest innovation in Minecraft PE is nether . This material is even stronger than diamond. From it you can get armor and tools that do not burn in lava . In order to obtain such things, it is necessary to combine the corresponding diamond item with an ingot of netherite.

Other minor fixes

In Minecraft, of course, they did not forget about the shortcomings:

  • fonts do not disappear after exiting to the main menu;
  • the player’s nickname does not flicker over his head;
  • missing textures are not falsely converted;
  • Possible endless loading of thumbnails on the market.


  • How can we get weeping obsidian in MCPE

    They are generated together with the destroyed portal, which was also added to Minecraft PE
  • How can you get netherite in Minecraft PE

    It is necessary to smelt a block of ancient ruins generated at a height of 13-22 blocks in hell.
  • How can you tame a strider?

    With the help of warped mushrooms. And you can control it using a fishing rod with a carrot and placing a saddle on it.