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Download full beta version of Minecraft Cave and Cliff with working Xbox Live and start your survival in the new biome with mountain goats!
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Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs

The new Minecraft update brought with it innovations from Caves & Cliffs. For example, mountain goats appeared – the inhabitants of the mountains. Now, in addition to cows, milk can be obtained from them.


Among the mobs in Minecraft PE, it is worth noting a mountain goat. He spawns in mountain biomes and is quite aggressive towards both the player and the mobs. However, this mob can be bred with wheat , getting from three to eight kids.

Fact: Mountain Goat is the fifth mob to appear in Bedrock Edition before Java Edition.

A mountain goat has 10 health points, which is equal to 5 hearts. He can jump quite high and this allows him to climb great heights. You can also tame a mountain goat with a leash.


With the advent of the mountain goat in Minecraft, goat horn appeared. It can drop from a mountain goat if it collides with a tree. The goat horn itself does not have any particular functionality. He can only make a sound, which is played when the robbers raid the village.


Minecraft PE has one new interesting block – loose snow . It is currently only available in the Creative Inventory. Loose snow differs from ordinary snow in that the player or any other mob can fall into it.

At the same time, the movement of the entity in loose snow is much slowed down, and damage from falling is not applied. The texture of loose snow is only slightly different from the texture of normal snow, so it is difficult to see it.

If the user is inside loose snow, then a snow fog is rendered around him, and a snow overlay texture on the player’s model.

Audio settings

As you know, in Java Edition, users can customize the sound in the game in detail . But now Bedrock Edition players have this opportunity with the release of Minecraft

There are ten settings in total: general volume, player and music blocks, sound, players, blocks, hostile and peaceful creatures, music, environment, and weather.


As in any other version, in Minecraft PE, the developers did not forget to fix bugs:

  • bees flew more than 22 blocks from their nest;
  • Ender portal blocks were not removed when another such block was destroyed.


  • What if there is no loose snow in the Minecraft PE inventory?

    You need to turn on the experimental game mode.
  • How to use the goat horn in Minecraft

    You need to pick it up and hold it to play a sound.
  • What drops when you die from a mountain goat?

    Only a goat's horn can drop if a mountain goat crashed into a solid block during the attack.