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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet amethyst, telescopes, tuff and raw metals!

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

The Mojang Studios team has released another pre-build of Minecraft

In it, the developers added the generation of amethyst geodes, telescopes, raw metals and tuff. Moreover, this edition has eliminated a large number of critical errors and shortcomings.

Amethysts and Geodes

The most significant update to the generation of the world of Minecraft PE is the amethyst geode. The structure is found underground and consists of blocks of amethyst, calcite and smooth basalt. An air pocket can also be generated next to it, which greatly simplifies access.

Info: Amethyst geodes are easiest to spot at coordinates Y = 6 to Y = 47.

When destroying Minecraft geodes, you can get fragments of amethyst. The number of drops of such a resource is increased by a pickaxe with a good luck charm. The new gem is used to craft spyglasses , tinted glass, and amethyst blocks.


It is worth noting the appearance of previously unseen telescopes in Minecraft PE With the help of this object, you can see objects in the distance. However, the player’s view is limited to a small circle of the lens .

Also, the developers have implemented a nice animation of using the spyglass. The user can only see it in third-person view.

Raw Metals

Mojang studio has significantly modernized the mining system for some ores in Minecraft Now, when mining iron, gold and copper, players will receive raw metal particles. This raw material will need to be smelted in the furnace to make ingots.

A luck enchant increases the number of shards dropped, and a silk touch allows you to extract a whole block of ore. In addition, from particles of raw metals Minecraft PE, you can make full-fledged blocks .


The developers also brought tuff blocks to Minecraft, which are generated in mineral veins. A new type of stone can be mined with absolutely any kind of pickaxe . Tuff can be found in the world only below the Y = 0 coordinate.

So far, a previously unseen type of stone is used in Minecraft PE only as a decoration . Unfortunately, the practical use of tuff is not provided.

Game Changes

In Minecraft, the glowing octopus and its regular version have got new sounds. Players will only be able to hear them if the mob decides to release ink.
In addition, skeletons and most opponents have stopped succumbing to the effect of freezing. From now on, only the user has this weakness.


  • What does the Minecraft amethyst geode consist of?

    The structure is generated from blocks of amethyst, calcite and smooth basalt.
  • What is required to create a telescope?

    One Amethyst Shard and two Copper Ingots are needed.
  • How do I get an Ingot from a Raw Metal Shard?

    To do this, you must remelt the shard in a furnace.