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Version for Android
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Download Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and get ready for the big makeover of hell!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

Beta versions of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition branch prepare Nether Update for implementation into the game. As with any major update, it’s important to fix any major bugs. It is their presence that slows down the transition to versions.

Trade with villagers

The only section in Minecraft PE that has acquired the add-on. It is expressed in trade with the inhabitants.

Starting with this version, players will be able to bargain with villagers at a discount.

Tip: To get a discount, all you need to do is cure a zombie resident.

The add-on is not limited to this. The Noses will also offer players books with different enchantments for the trident.


Changes to mobs in Minecraft PE are not a fundamental task for the developers.

Mobs are improved to balance the game:

  • Creeper explosion damage will not be capped despite the surrounding area;
  • the level scale of wolf dwellers will increase depending on the feeding;
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition’s regeneration system has moved the starting point of spawn directly to the dungeon.

Crafting recipes

Crafting Minecraft has not received major changes or additions. But they were related to blocks from the “ Bees & Honey ” update, which was crafted from 4 bubbles of honey.

2×2 crafting menu is capable of processing more information, resulting in crafting speed .

Bubbles with honey will again return to the player’s inventory if the honey block is not completely created.

New additions and minor bug fixes in Minecraft PE indicate successful work AB Mojang. Fewer crashes are a sign of getting closer to a new upgrade. A full-fledged hell update is planned for the near future, with piglins, hoglins and 3 nether biomes.


  • Are there any additions to Minecraft

    Trade with villagers is the only section in MCPE that was purchased by the add-on.
  • What is the purpose of changing mobs?

    Changes to mobs are not a fundamental task for the developers.
  • What changes has the craft got?

    Crafting has not received major changes or additions.