Download Minecraft PE 1.6.0

Version 1.6.0 for Android
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Download the full version of Minecraft 1.6.0 for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet such a creature as a phantom!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.6.0?

Finally, the developers from Mojang have released the first version of the game from the MCPE 1.6 branch. This update brought with it a a new phantom creature . Along with this, there were effects, new types of arrows, a phantom membrane. The developers have not forgotten about the numerous mistakes.


As mentioned earlier, this mob appeared in Minecraft 1.6.0. The phantom is extremely aggressive towards the player and always appears at night . But this creature is only a threat to those players who like to sit up at night. To be more precise, phantoms spawn only if the player hasn’t slept for more than three in-game days.

Cats can help the player by protecting him from phantoms.

Phantom Membrane

This is a rather valuable drop that drops out from a phantom in Minecraft PE 1.6.0 when it is killed. The phantom membrane can be used to repair elytra or to brew . Also interesting is the fact that tamed cats can also bring this item. But the chance of this is very small – 3.22%.

Slow Fall Potion

Another new item related to the addition of the phantom to Minecraft 1.6.0. With the help of the slow fall potion, you can forget about the fear of heights. The effect received from this potion will completely disable falling damage , and also reduce falling speed. Thus, you can not only not die when falling, but even fly slightly.

TIP: After making a slow-falling potion in Minecraft PE 1.6.0, it is recommended to increase its duration by almost 3 times using red dust.


The only innovation in Minecraft PE 1.6.0 that is not related to phantoms. With the help of barriers you can discreetly enclose something . This is especially true for map builders, as this is where players love to go outside of their allowed locations.


  • How can you repair an elytra with a phantom membrane in Minecraft PE 1.6.0?

    It is necessary to put the elytra and the phantom membrane in the anvil.
  • How to get the barrier in MCPE 1.6.0?

    Using the command / give @s barrier.
  • How do phantoms attack?

    They dive at the player, deal damage and fly into the sky.