Download space mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download space mod for Minecraft PE : take a rocket to distant galaxies of our universe and explore new planets.

The best space mods for Minecraft PE

There are only two dimensions available in Minecraft PE, namely: Nether and End . This number of worlds is clearly not enough for many users. For this reason, mods have been created that bring endless space to the game.

In addition, these add-ons add new blocks, items, and even creatures. Also, you will find fully functioning rockets for flights to other planets.

Endless Space

Developers from Mojang Studios have long denied the possibility of adding space to Minecraft PE. Because of this, the presented mod was born, which will allow everyone to feel like a real astronaut .

Important: The author of the modification has replaced the dimension of the Edge and a kind of endless space.

It is worth noting that the Endermen and the dragon have not been removed from Minecraft PE. Also, the add-on changes the leather armor to a prototype of the white spacesuit . The equipment provides the wearer with positive effects.


This mod brings working rockets to Minecraft PE. With their help, you can go on long journeys. Before flying into space, players will have to make the presented device. Moreover, it is easy enough to make it.

Information: The rocket from the add-on is not a semblance of a portal, but a full-fledged transport.

By the way, a starship in Minecraft PE can be controlled. To control the direction of the movement of the spacecraft you need a carrot on a fishing rod .

The rocket speed is quite high. Therefore, you can easily cover long distances on it.

Also, the mod replaces the Minecraft PE mail armor with a copy of the real life spacesuit . With this equipment you can feel like a real astronaut.


  • How can you get into space?

    To do this, you need to find a portal to the End or create a rocket.
  • What do you need to control a rocket in Minecraft PE?

    To control the spacecraft, you need a fishing rod with a carrot.
  • Do mods add a spacesuit to Minecraft PE?

    Yes, both versions have a spacesuit.