Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft with a working Xbox Live: picturesque areas of the Mangrove swamps, dangerous mobs of the Ancient cities and useful building blocks!

Minecraft Beta

Wild Update continues to be updated with content from the developers of Mojang. Minecraft PE version offers to search for the desired biome using commands, extract clay from swamp mud blocks and become an observer of the cubic world!


The most picturesque biome in Minecraft is Mangrove swamps. Beautiful trees with long branches covered with fluffy foliage grow throughout this place.

Mangrove wood can be used in construction: steps and doors will be obtained from it. Also, players can make boats from such wood.

The ancient city will become a dangerous place to travel. Users of Minecraft PE are waiting for a meeting with Varden, who attacks all mobs. Any of the locations can be searched with a special command.

By the way, in a city like this, you can stumble upon a chest with echo shards and use them to create a compass that points to the place where the character died.


Mud blocks have become an unusual material in Minecraft If you place dirt on the dripper, clay will drain from the block, which can also be used for various purposes.

In addition, mud bricks are a great building resource.

You can break blocks of dirt with a shovel, as well as without any tool.

Rock blocks are familiar to many players: with each edition, their family gets new properties. Skalks are now generated even more in Ancient Cities, and the scalk sensor in Minecraft PE has excellent sensitivity.


The authors from Mojang have corrected the shortcomings associated with loading mobs in the world. We also fixed bugs preventing command blocks from being saved without a player’s nickname in a multiplayer game.

The developers also worked with the textures of players and some mobs in Minecraft