Download mod for a Helicopter for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Helicopter mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to fly on huge and small types of air transport with missiles and machine guns.

Best Helicopter mods for Minecraft PE

In the modern world, no clash between two armies is complete without aviation. Now it is a means of reconnaissance, attack and retreat.

The creators of the mods added a helicopter to the game, making Minecraft PE more dynamic and interesting in the setting of the Third World War.

Mech Mod

A global helicopter mod that will add, among other things, 21 vehicles to Minecraft PE. These will be airplanes, cars, dozers, tractors and much more.

In this expansion, the helicopter will be armed with rockets and a machine gun.

Please note that to create this war machine, you will have to spend a lot of Minecraft PE resources.

War Machine

A small mod for a helicopter that will add a real killer of all living things. After all, now in Minecraft PE your enemies will not have a place where they could hide from missiles and bombs falling from the sky.

Please note that your vehicle will not take off if it is not refueled, so keep an eye on the fuel level.

In total, the helicopter can last a little more than 80 seconds until all the fuel in Minecraft PE is consumed.

Ebon Hawk

The famous US Army helicopter can now be independently tested in Minecraft PE. To do this, StarkTMA added an accurate model to the game, and also equipped it with several types of weapons.

In Minecraft PE, such a helicopter can be found in the Nether world, as it replaces a ghast.

If you would like to carry important equipment with you, then in air transport there is a small inventory .


An incredibly small and simple helicopter that can be used for long flight in Minecraft PE.

The author has worked on this mod so much that the helicopter has propeller rotation and tilt animations.

You can control this helicopter in Minecraft PE using the “Forward” button and looking in the desired direction of movement.


  • What is fuel for Minecraft PE?

    It is needed in order for your helicopter to take off.
  • How can you get a helicopter in survival?

    To do this, you will either need to go to the Nether, or craft according to a special recipe.
  • What resources are needed to craft a helicopter?

    Creating it will require a lot of iron ingots, glass, leather, and even cacti.