Download mods for decor on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download decor mods for Minecraft PE and enjoy the new look of your home by decorating it with decorative blocks!

Decor Mods – What are they adding?

There are not many decorative blocks in Minecraft PE. Having built a house, the player may face a problem with the decoration. Flowers with a pot, various colored blocks are not always enough. These mods will fill this gap and will definitely decorate any building .


Quite a simple addition that adds a lamp to Minecraft . It shines well enough and, most importantly, looks beautiful. It can also be built in survival mode without even spending too much. Great for those who want more torches.

Crafting a lamp involves pieces of paper and a torch.


Another modification for almost all versions of Minecraft PE, adding decorative fences . They mostly resemble the textures of the blocks already existing in the game. Unfortunately, these fences cannot be obtained in survival mode. Therefore, they are only suitable for decoration when built in creative mode.


This addon is perfect for scary map builders in Minecraft PE . With the help of the new blocks, you will definitely be able to recreate the real Halloween atmosphere. Among them are pumpkins, graves and much more.

TIP: For correct operation you need to enable experimental game mode </ span > in the map settings.


This modification, unlike the previous ones, adds a large number of new decorative blocks to Minecraft PE. They are suitable not only for decorating the structures themselves, but also for their construction. Among them are various boards and bookcases. Don’t forget to activate the experimental game mode.

Each block has its own crafting recipe.


Another addon for Minecraft PE, which adds the Latin alphabet in various blocks . The capabilities of this add-on can be applied in various maps. For example, mark some places with letters. You can build all of this without a creative mode.

Decor by Afro Puff

The Afro Puff Decor mod adds new building blocks to Minecraft PE. colored wood, tiles and bricks made of three types of stone are waiting for you. To create a painted wood, you need an ordinary oak and one of 16 dyes.

From 4 blocks of polished andesite, diorite and granite, you can now make bricks . Multicolored tiles are made from a mixture of ordinary and painted concrete.


  • How do you find the recipe for crafting decorative blocks?

    Basically, the texture of the block itself gives a hint, since it consists of the same items.
  • How to craft blocks with letters?

    First you need to make a roll of sticks and paper. Then give it a certain color with the help of valuable minerals. Next, build a special block of 9 boards, and then connect it with a scroll of a certain color. After that, you need to place and break a block that will drop different letters.
  • What is the difference between scrolls of different colors?

    Red contains numbers, blue contains lowercase letters, and green contains uppercase letters.