Download map for Little House for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download map for Small House for Minecraft PE : find yourself in a cute and cozy house where you can relax and have fun with your friends.

The best maps for Small House for Minecraft PE

The more the world of Minecraft PE exists, the more saturated and versatile it becomes. It’s all the fault of the efforts of the developers from Mojang Studios.

They are constantly striving to introduce some innovation into Minecraft PE. It could be a whole Nether dimension update, or it could be a new technology for using armor stands.

However, for those players who just want to survive, this is not always necessary. But even so, you always want to live in a beautiful and small house.

The card makers decided to help minecrafters cope with this problem by creating many maps with interesting buildings for survival.


Not so much a map as a modification that allows you to create your own small house in Minecraft PE.

Such a building will always be available to you, but none of the hostile mobs will ever reach you in such a place.

The essence of the map for a small house is that a new block is added to Minecraft PE. It can be crafted or taken from the creative mode inventory.

Once installed in your world, just click on it. You will be teleported to the sky, where there will already be a small building with everything you need: a stove, a workbench, a bed, a chest.

To move back, just click on the red block of wool in one of the walls.

At your own request, you can at any time rebuild the small house so that it meets all your needs.


A small medieval house near an oak forest, created in survival mode .

Here you can start your new journey through the world of Minecraft PE.

A key feature of the map for a small house on Minecraft PE is the ability to receive all the achievements.

The building allows you to get absolutely everything you need to start good survival:

  • many chests;
  • bed;
  • stoves;
  • workbench;
  • animal pen.


  • How to get into a small house in one block?

    You need to click on it and you will be transferred to it. To get out, you need to click on the block of red wool inside the house.
  • Can you furnish a small house from the inside by yourself?

    Yes, you can rebuild everything to your liking.
  • What size is the smallest house?

    It takes up space in one block.