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Version for Android
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Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with the new features of the Downworld!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Developers from the Mojang studio have released the next beta version of Minecraft All new global updates concern the Nether . It is worth noting that the title “ Nether Update ” directly indicates that the changes have touched hell in the game.


With the advent of the beta version of Minecraft PE, the player, having descended into hell, may meet unusual mobs, namely:

  • hoglins;
  • piglins.


Hoglins are huge creatures that live in the crimson forest. They are hostile to players, so beware of them. Despite their size, they have one weakness – a warped mushroom . At the sight of him, the hoglins are ready to scatter in different directions.

Crimson mushrooms can be used to breed hoglins, but be careful.


They are also hostile creatures in Minecraft PE Piglins, like zombie pigs, attack exclusively in a group. It is worth noting that these creatures are very fond of gold and are willing to trade for it .

FACT: Piglins and wither skeletons are sworn enemies </ span >. At the first meeting, they will attack each other.


An equally interesting part of Minecraft is the new biomes that completely change the atmosphere of the Lower World.

Valley of Soul Sand

A remarkable place with a bluish atmosphere around it. This biome in Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update can be called the home of skeletons .

Crimson Forest

The name of this biome speaks for itself. Everything is in red here , from grass to plants.

Distorted Forest

A rather interesting name was given to this area in Minecraft If the valley of the sand of souls could be called the favorite place of skeletons, then in the case of the warped forest the same can be said about the endermen .

New material

The latest innovation in Minecraft PE is netherit. This material in its strength surpasses even diamond , which until recently was the standard of hardness.

You can craft netherite items using one netherite ingot and a diamond item required to upgrade.

Other minor game fixes

  • Water can be collected from bubble columns;
  • if you break the bottom half of the door, then the wall signs attached to the doors do not float;
  • player icons do not appear as a white square on the locator map;
  • the legs of the iron golem do not swing.


  • How can netherite be obtained?

    First you need to get a block of ancient ruins in hell at a height of 13-22 blocks, and then melt it in a furnace.
  • Piglins and hoglins are warring creatures?

    This question cannot be answered unequivocally, since they can be either neutral or ready to kill each other.
  • What happens if a netherite thing falls into lava?

    It's okay, because they can float in lava and don't burn.