Download racing maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.5 - 1.20.71

Download racing maps for Minecraft PE and compete with your friends in various vehicles!

The best racing maps for Minecraft PE

Racing has always been a favorite sport and entertainment for people. Minecraft PE players are no exception, so map authors constantly create their own racing tracks . Here are the best of them.

There are no race maps for the version below MCPE 1.1.5, since this is the version where command blocks appeared.

Block Gears

Large map that includes 3 different tracks for racing in Minecraft PE. After installing this location, the player will appear in the lobby. There he will be able to choose one of his favorite areas for the races.

But there is one small drawback: installation of add-ons on transport is required.


First of all, it is worth noting the the extraordinary beauty of this area in Minecraft PE. At the first entrance to the map, the player will be given an elytra, as well as fireworks to speed up. After that, he will be able to start his flight and enjoy the views of this location along the way.

Earlier versions of MCPE may have problems with the issue of items. In this case, you can take them from the Creative inventory.

Boat Racing

Another interesting location, boat races in Minecraft PE. After entering the map, you must read the rules and click on the button to start the race.

only 2 people can participate . If the player wants to invite more friends, then you can take turns in the race.

Heavenly Races

This map differs from others in that here races in Minecraft PE are held not on transport, but on feet. First, the player needs to climb the stairs on which they will stand:

  • robbers;
  • marauders;
  • destroyers.

After he rises, he will be able to contemplate the small buildings in the sky .

You need to line up before each of them. Each of them will have chests, upon opening which there will be a random drop.


It’s not enough just to reach the end first, because you need to use the lever to win on the final building, which only 1 player will have. This means that you need to find him, kill him and take the given item.

Race track

The presented map for racing for Minecraft PE differs in in the presence of textures and mod . The location is a winding racing track for car races.

Important: An advanced modification for fast cars has been added to the territory file.

Also, the developer has made a set of textures that make it easier for users to navigate the track. This is because the decorations bring handy signposts to the game.


  • Where can I download add-ons for transport?

    You can download the best transport mods directly from our site.
  • How to use fireworks?

    You just need to run them, which will give you an acceleration. But you have to be careful, as they can blow you up.
  • How to install the cards?

    All maps have a .mcworld extension. This means that when you click on each map, it will be automatically imported into Minecraft PE.