Download CS: GO map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71

Download CS: GO maps for Minecraft PE and compete with your friends on locations from the famous shooter.

Maps of CS: GO for Minecraft PE

One of the the most popular shooters in the world , now in Minecraft PE. Locations adapted for the latest Bedrock Edition updates, as well as for fans of the old version of the game. Therefore, you can enjoy all the realism of the strategic shooter without any problems.


Italy is one of the famous Counter Strike maps . The area is specially designed for co-op play in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It must be attended by at least 4 people.

As in the game itself, the map provides a choice between the role of a terrorist or special forces .

A bonus to this location is a built-in mod that adds the following types of weapons to the game:

  • AWP;
  • Negev;
  • UMP-45;
  • Galil AR;
  • FAMAS;
  • Desert Eagle;
  • Pomegranate;
  • Karambit;
  • Falchion;
  • Bayonet;
  • Butterfly Knife

At the beginning of the game, there is no menu for buying weapons, but you can use chests or prepared sets.


We present you another version of the CS: GO map for Minecraft PE, for version 1.0.5. In addition to the regular battle arena , there is a shop where you can buy weapons.

Unfortunately, this store has few weapons but you can get them for free. There is a diamond sword, a bow with arrows and an enchanted golden apple.

You will appear at the point where you have to choose a team. You can play with your friends on the map. To do this, you need to install it, invite your friends and divide it into two teams.

The more friends I play with you, the more epic the battle will be. Apart from single player, this map is great for multiplayer PvP.

• FACT: To better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game, the map automatically embeds a CS: GO Texture Pack into the game, which adds a few weapons. In addition, sound effects are added.


  1. It is forbidden to break blocks or use cheats during the game.
  2. The team that kills all players on the opposing team wins.
  3. The number of rounds must be set by the administrator or judge.

Cs assault

Counter Strike’s cs_assault map can impress with its implementation accuracy . As everyone already knows, your task is to rescue the hostages and neutralize all terrorists if you play as special forces.

In case you are in a terrorist team, then you need to protect the hostages for a certain time.

Almost everything is the same on this map: you get popular weapons like awp, ak, m4a1, grenades and more.

The second important element is textures . They help players create a true CS image. If you can invite 9 people, then each must choose a team, and then the class, after which the game begins.

De Dust 2

The De Dust 2 map is a copy of one of the famous locations of the CS: GO game. It has two game modes . One of which is to defuse the bomb. The other is a classic confrontation between terrorists and their opponents.

Each team will have access to weapons and armor of the corresponding color to conduct battles. Minecraft PE players will also receive golden apples to replenish their health.