Download shark mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download shark mods for Minecraft PE and add bloodthirsty predators games to the endless oceans.

Top Shark Mods for Minecraft PE

In the water update for Minecraft PE, the developers have added a lot of content to the oceans. However, bloodthirsty sharks never appeared in the game. On older versions, the vastness of the seas is quite deserted.

Fortunately, there are a large number of mods that fix this oversight. They bring to the game not only the sharks themselves, but also other dangerous mobs.

Now, exploring the endless depths of the oceans has become much more difficult. After all, the search for various ruins and treasures will be hindered by deadly creatures .


The presented mod for Minecraft PE is one of the most advanced developments on animals. The add-on developers managed to create quite realistic shark textures . In doing so, they added not one, but a whole variety of dangerous mobs.

For example, reef variety is considered one of the most harmless. These animals do not even attack the users of the game. New creatures live only in cold waters.

Info: Tiger shark mod attacks players and is found in the same biomes as the reef. Its dimensions are not that great.

The whale-type bloodthirsty creatures of the oceans are the most deadly . This species is found exclusively in warm oceans.


Sharks of this mod for Minecraft PE replace the underwater guards of the water monument. Moreover, these bloodthirsty mobs are much stronger and more dangerous. They have fifty health points, and they also deal six points of damage.

Among them, a new boss stands out – Megalodon, who is considered the king of the depths of the sea. This creature possesses the power and vitality of an ender dragon. It can also kill a user in two hits.

For killing Megalodon, players can receive gold, diamonds, raw meat and bones . For this reason, defeating this mod boss is worth the risks.


  • What types of sharks does the first mod of the collection add?

    This modification will bring reef, tiger and whale species of creatures.
  • Where can I find whale sharks add-ons for Minecraft PE?

    They live only in biomes of warm oceans.
  • What boss did the developers of the second addon implement?

    The authors of the add-on added Megalodon to the game.