Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Beta Version

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and search for sniffer eggs in the dungeons.

Minecraft PE Beta

In Minecraft, developers have introduced a new exciting update to the players. It has an additional music disc. This will make the game even more atmospheric and colorful. In addition, a new plant known as water lily and much more has been added to the new version by Mojang. All this makes the game even more interesting and varied.

Music disc

The creators of the cubic world Minecraft PE introduced new items to players in the form of an additional music disc. It contains a completely unique and inimitable melody. This innovation in game mechanics allows players to fully immerse themselves in the world of sounds and music. Enjoy this amazing composition during your adventures.

Sniffer Egg

The latest version of Minecraft has a new item called “Sniffer’s Egg”. This special egg can only be found in Suspicious Sands. Which in turn are located in sea dungeons. The egg is rare and requires the use of an archaeological brush to locate it. However, in order not to damage this valuable item, care must be taken to carefully dig out the sand.


The Sniffer Egg has many unique features. For example, if you place it on a block of moss from the world of Minecraft PE, the speed of the appearance of mobs will increase.


In the new version of Minecraft, a new plant called water lilies has appeared. The discovery of the seeds of these beautiful flowers was made possible by the use of the Sniffer. If you decide to plant water lilies near a body of water and give them time, you can enjoy the bright and picturesque flowers. These beautiful flowers will not only add beauty to your game world. They will be an excellent choice for creating a unique and attractive decoration.


  • Where can I find Templates?

    In almost all structures.
  • What are Templates used for in Minecraft PE

    To decorate armor.
  • How to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE

    Using Torchflower.