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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live: lightning rod, bilge blocks and much more!
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What’s new in Minecraft PE

Developers from Mojang Studios continue to actively work on the Mountain and Cave update. In particular, they direct their forces to the caves. After all, these locations are pretty monotonous and can bore many players.

Let’s take a look at the main changes in Minecraft PE


The first thing that can be seen in the new caves in Minecraft is copper . This material is generated in the form of ore that must be dug up. This ore is generated at about the same height at which iron can be found. Therefore, the player will not have any problems with this.

After melting a copper ingot in Minecraft PE, the user will receive a copper ingot . Various blocks can be made from it. But all copper blocks are subject to oxidation when exposed to air. At the same time, the color of their texture begins to change to turquoise.

The player can protect the copper blocks from oxidation by only connecting the desired item with the honeycomb.


In Minecraft, the capabilities of mechanism builders are slightly expanded. After all, now they have at their disposal zygomatic blocks . These are new blocks capable of registering any vibration around them. At the same time, they are activated for two seconds and give a redstone signal.

Interesting: Blocks of wool can dampen vibrations. With their help, it is possible to limit the radius at which the zygomatic blocks can register vibrations.

After two seconds, the zygomatic block goes out. A rather interesting vibration registration animation in Minecraft PE deserves special attention. It represents several waves that visualize vibrations.

Lightning rod

With the advent of copper ingots in Minecraft, a lightning rod appeared. This block is used to divert lightning strikes in the area of ​​16x4x16 blocks. You can install it almost anywhere.

This way, you don’t have to worry about big fires anymore. Most often, they occurred due to the fact that lightning struck trees during a thunderstorm.

Stalactites and stalagmites

In the new caves in Minecraft PE, the user may notice stalactites and stalagmites . These are new formations that pose a danger to the player.

Mountains and Octopuses

Finally, a new cave generation has been added to Minecraft PE They have become much more realistic. The new mountains have become very high. Here you can also find ores and mine them.

In MCPE, the developers returned the glowing octopuses. Players can now see them underwater. Together with him, the game now has the ability to paint the text on the plate using dye.


  • What pickaxe can be used to mine copper ore in Minecraft PE

    By means of stone or higher.
  • Where do stalactites and stalagmites appear?

    Stalactites are generated on ceilings and stalagmites are generated on the ground.
  • How do I get a zygomatic block?

    This block is currently only available in the Creative Inventory.