Download trap mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download trap mods for Minecraft PE and don’t worry about your own defense anymore!

MCPE Trap Mods

Survival is one of the main ingredients in Minecraft PE. Here the player has to fight hostile mobs, build shelters and extract resources. However, the player does not have many methods for fighting: a sword, a bow and a trident.

These mods will greatly simplify the fight against mobs by adding traps to the game.


Quite an interesting addition that allows you to kidnap mobs in Minecraft PE. But it is worth considering that it will cost the player dearly.


To craft an item with which you can do all this, you must:

  • get blood (516) from any mob, except skeletons and slugs;
  • make trap frame (512) from 1 blood, 4 sticks and 4 iron ingots;
  • craft a staff core (599) using 3 redstones, an iron ingot and 5 sticks;
  • combine the diamond with the core of the staff and get a wooden staff with a diamond tip (517);
  • tap a redstone block with this staff and get a redstone core in Minecraft PE.

And finally, you need to make the trap itself (513) from the redstone core and the trap framework. After that, you can trap absolutely any mob.

Spring Trap

A small but very interesting modification that adds one simple trap to Minecraft PE. It looks like a grass texture, but if you step on it, the player will throw you very high into the sky . There will be no chance of survival after the fall.


Ideal solution for map builders in Minecraft PE. This addon adds advanced traps , each with unique properties. For example, the player can install poisonous thorns, which not only cause damage, but also give the effect of poisoning.

In addition, this mod has fake grass, fans, and even an electric trap .

Crafts and block properties can be found in the video. Use the / give @s tramp: command to view all traps.

Cursed Blocks

This mod brings cursed blocks to Minecraft PE, which contain various traps. They can be crafted in a workbench with 8 glass and 1 coal. When a block is destroyed, random traps are generated, mobs appear or items drop.

For example, cursed blocks can summon charged creepers, wither skeletons, and hordes of zombies. They can also catch you in a a lava and anvil trap .


  • How can a mob be freed?

    To do this, you need to craft the Altar of Mob Releasing block (207) from the heart (515), diamonds and stone, and then set it on the ground. Next, you need to tap the object in which the mob is imprisoned on the block, after which you can free it. The heart can only be obtained using / give or cheats.
  • What are captured mobs for?

    With the help of the object in which the mob is imprisoned, you can craft troll-blocks of various ores. If you try to mine this ore, an explosion will occur.
  • Why does the steal mod only work on older versions of MCPE?

    It only works through BlockLauncher, which may give errors on newer versions of the game. However, this does not exclude the fact that the mod is working on these versions.