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Download full beta version of Minecraft Cave and Cliff with working Xbox Live and start your survival in the new biome with loose snow!
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Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs

The developers at Mojang Studios have finally released the highly anticipated Mining Update. In Minecraft, they added experimental mountain biomes. In these locations, the player can meet mountain goats, as well as powdered snow.

Mountain Goat

A new mob in Minecraft PE, which currently does not have a definite place of residence. The mountain goat can often be found in the mountains. These creatures are the kings of the mountains and can climb very high points.

At the same time, mountain goats do not like intruders . This means that the user should be careful when staying in the mountains of Minecraft PE Also, this mob can drop a goat horn if it collides with a tree.

Loose snow

In addition to the mountain goat, loose snow also appeared in Minecraft Unlike regular snow, the player can fall into loose snow. At the same time, it is not known what may be under this snow.

Thus, the user can fall into a trap or arrange this trap for someone else.

This block is available for now only in experimental game mode.


With the help of magnetite in Minecraft PE, you no longer need to remember the coordinates of various places on the map. It is enough just to tap the magnetite block with the compass. After that, the compass will begin to point not to the player’s spawn point, but to a block of magnetite .

If the magnetite is broken, then the compass attached to it will begin to rotate non-stop in different directions. It is also possible to rename compasses, thereby giving them the desired names for memorizing points.

Audio settings

With the release of Minecraft on, users have the opportunity to more accurately customize game sounds. These settings were previously only available on the Java Edition – the computer version of the game.

In total ten different options : general volume, music, sound, environment, blocks, hostile and peaceful creatures, players, player and music blocks, and weather. As each bar increases or decreases, the corresponding sound is played.


  • How to craft a magnetite block in Minecraft PE

    This requires 8 carved stone bricks and netherite
  • How many lives does a mountain goat have?

    5 hearts
  • What can you get from goats in MCPE

    They can be milked with an empty bucket.