Download maps with houses for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download home maps for Minecraft PE and survive in structures such as the smart villa and seaside mansion!

The best locations with a house

Every MCPE player had to build a shelter at least once. It could be a box of several blocks or a large building. But sometimes it takes quite a long time.

And in that case they can download maps with houses, the best of which are collected here. It should also be noted that these houses are built so cleverly that you can even play hide and seek in them.

Tree House

An interesting room that is almost entirely inside a tree in Minecraft PE. Outside, the tree may seem rather small, but inside there are already 5 floors. Each of these floors is furnished differently.

There are places to rest, sleep, and at the very top of the tree there is a a table for dinner under the night sky . Also next to this building is a booth with a player’s dog. Just the perfect hide and seek tree!

Smart Villa

This is one of the most interesting house maps in Minecraft PE. The player will appear high in the sky with a snowball in hand to throw. After that, teleportation will occur, followed by the loading of the map itself.

Next, the player will go to the lobby, where he needs to take the house key from the chest.

The key needs to be thrown in a certain place in front of the doors in order for them to open.

Seaside mansion

A fairly large building, built in the Art Nouveau style in Minecraft PE. The player appears in a helicopter on the runway of the mansion itself. By the way, this particular place is perfect for starting hide and seek.

On the other side of the house there is a beautiful sea view. The mansion also has a swimming pool.

Tree House

Many in childhood dreamed of a tree house where they could constantly climb, have fun or play hide and seek. Now they have they have the opportunity to make this dream come true in Minecraft PE by downloading this map.

On it, the player will see a rather beautiful house, which is held on to the branches of a large tree. The house has 2 floors. Also on this building is a portal to the nether world.

For more detailed information, it is recommended to watch the video.

Mushroom House

In the jungle of this map for Minecraft PE, there is a house, which consists of two multi-colored mushrooms . This building has a bedroom and an observatory with three books. The manuscripts contain records of various mushrooms and lunar cycles.

There is also a river to the right of the house, and there is an apiary for breeding bees in the back. If you follow the wooden road, you will come across gardens and caves.


  • Why is there no map with home for MCPE below 1.0.0?

    Because all maps with a house use new decorative blocks, as well as command blocks that were not in older versions of the game.
  • There are two files in the Seaside Mansion folder, which one should you stop?

    The card has its own shaders. One of them with shaders, and the one with shaderless in the name - without shaders.
  • How to install a smart villa card?

    It is necessary to move the contents of the archive to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.