Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Wild Update

Download free Minecraft apk with a working Xbox Live and create a new music record from disc fragments.

What’s new in Minecraft PE Beta?

The developers of the Mojang studio continue to delight their players with innovations in the world of Minecraft

This time, disk shards, a sonic attack, a mangrove biome and much more have been added to the world. Update as always at the highest level.

Fixed Bugs

With the release of Minecraft PE, many bugs that were made in the previous version have been fixed. For example:

  1. Mobs no longer get stuck in objects.
  2. Frogs drop experience again.
  3. Bees can now pollinate mangrove trees.
  4. Varden began to feel the vibrations from the rock blocks.
  5. Darkness effect now fades in and out more smoothly and more.

Disc shards

Minecraft is now in the world. another record has appeared. But you will need to assemble it yourself. From the fragments of the disk. Finding these fragments is very difficult, due to the fact that the item is quite rare.

However, it is possible. Often the item is found in a chest of gloomy depths. After collecting all the parts of the disk – place them in the crafting grid and you will get a new record with a unique melody.

Only this melody is creepy enough and inspires fear in anyone. However, to match the whole atmosphere of the biome.

Sonic attack

Where previously players could try to escape from Varden or feel safe while in the air, now this will not work.

In the new Minecraft PE, the developers have added a new mob attack – sonic. Thanks to its features, the guard can attack his enemies from a distance. That reduces all chances of escape to zero.

So the only salvation for the players is either initially to behave as quietly as possible. Or try to outsmart Varden with snowballs.

But be careful, with frequent use, the mob will understand where they are launched from.