Download the thirst mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.11.0 - 1.20.71

Download the thirst mod for Minecraft PE: try to survive with a new basic need for drinking water.

The best craving mods for Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, hunger has been implemented for a very long time, which makes the process of survival much more difficult. Due to the need for food, users build farms and raise animals. However, there has never been a need for water .

This state of affairs does not suit many, which is why various thirst mods have been developed. Such add-ons are especially suitable for fans of a high level of difficulty of the game.

From now on, survival in Minecraft PE will be much more difficult and exciting. We’ll have to think not only about food, but also about fluid supply .

Thirst for Water

The ThirstBar mod brings a thirst bar to Minecraft PE, which serves as an indicator of your water saturation. The developer displayed this parameter on the screen in the form of liquid droplets. This feature makes the add-on interface intuitive.

Important: As soon as the thirst scale drops to zero, the Minecraft PE user will immediately start taking damage from dehydration.

For this reason, you should think in advance about preparing bottles for future use, in which you can carry water with you . Otherwise, the chances of death from lack of drink are quite high. After all, the damage from dehydration of the body will kill at a fairly rapid pace.

Fortunately, drinking water in Minecraft PE is not so difficult. Since it can be collected in bottles that are made of glass blocks . Then you should find a reservoir, and fill the vessel with life-giving moisture.

Information: You can get a shipment from drinking raw water, so we strongly recommend boiling it.

It is worth noting that it does not matter where exactly you got moisture in Minecraft PE. Most importantly, detect and boil before drinking. By following these guidelines, you are definitely not in danger of dying from thirst.


  • What does the thirst scale look like in Minecraft PE?

    It is a strip of water droplets.
  • How can you collect water for future use?

    This will require glass bottles.
  • What do you need to do before drinking the extracted water? It is strongly recommended to boil it.