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Version MCPE for Android
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Download the full version of Hell and Mountain update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live!
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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

MCPE is called Mountain Update. This means that all the innovations in this version are mainly related to the mountainous terrain. For example, goats appeared in the game, which can butt the user at any time.

Loose snow

Among the new blocks in Minecraft, first of all, it is worth noting loose snow . The peculiarity of this block is that you can fall into it. In this case, the speed of movement of the failed creature will slow down, and the height of its jump will become much less than usual.

Tip: To get a block of loose snow, you need to get it with a pickaxe with a silk touch enchant.

Therefore, be careful in snow biomes, as the texture of loose snow is difficult to distinguish from the texture of regular snow. This can especially fail in situations where the user needs to run away from hostile creatures at night.


Separately, it should be said about freezing effect in Minecraft PE It appears after a long stay in loose snow and, over time, causes damage to a creature in a given block. To stop this effect, you need to get out of the loose snow.

Mountain Goat

As previously noted, in Minecraft, a mountain goat can be found in mountain biomes. This mob can jump high and climb a variety of peaks. However, he does not like guests, so he can unexpectedly butt them at any moment and throw them off the mountain.

Mountain goats can also be propagated. In this case, only one cub is obtained. The player can also tie a mountain goat with a leash and lead him along.

Only a goat’s horn can drop from a mountain goat upon death, the functionality of which is to play the sound that appears when robbers raid the village.


Another interesting innovation in Minecraft PE is the ability to customize each game sound separately . There are ten different options available.

This includes sounds of the environment, other players, peaceful creatures, the player. It should also be noted that when you change each option, you can hear the corresponding sound.


  • Is it possible to avoid falling into loose snow in the new version of Minecraft PE

    Yes, leather boots must be worn
  • How to get loose snow?

    It accumulates in cauldrons in snow biomes. From there it can be obtained with an empty bucket.
  • How to breed mountain goats in MCPE

    With the help of wheat.