Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk and appreciate the opportunity to create a unique armor decorated with beautiful drawings and ornaments.

Minecraft Bedrock Trails & Tales Update

More and more various innovations appear in the cubic world and each user must study each of them and use them during the game. In Minecraft PE, there is an opportunity to finish and decorate armor and improve the netherite.

Also, the developers have fixed some technical errors, such as problems with downloading on some devices. It is worth noting that the names of the players are now displayed correctly. And even more, innovations are waiting for the heroes in Trails & Tales Update.

New biome

For quite a long time, the list of biomes in the cubic world was not replenished with new territories. Therefore, the appearance of Cherry Grove immediately attracted a large number of players.

In Minecraft in this place, you can collect petals for the production of pink dye. Explore the unique nature of this place and enjoy its beauty.

Smiting Table

Previously, this block had very limited capabilities. But in Minecraft, it is possible not only to upgrade all items of equipment but also to improve the properties of netherite.

Of course, this process is not easy and first of all the heroes will face the need to search for materials and special templates. And if valuable resources can be found in caves or underground, then you will have to look in chests to find the second ones.

By the way, you can find them in all the structures of the cubic world.


And for those players who would like to decorate their home with an unusual and unique object, Archeology is perfect. Go to the desert to find ancient fragments and collect a beautiful vase from them.

The only thing a player will need in Minecraft PE to engage in this fascinating process is a brush.


  • What features are added for the Smithing Table in Minecraft PE

    Armor decoration and improvement of netherite.
  • Where can I find templates for Smithing Table in MCPE

    In all structures except Ocean Monument.
  • What subject is indispensable in Archaeology?