Download egg mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download egg mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to summon any mobs right in the survival mode.

The best egg mods for Minecraft PE

Creature spawn eggs have existed in Minecraft PE for quite some time. They have always been exclusively available in the creative game mode. With the help of eggs, you can easily and quickly summon absolutely any creatures.

From now on, thanks to various mods, it became possible to make them in survival. This is implemented on the mechanics of recipes for creating workbench items.


The presented mod for Minecraft PE is quite simple and straightforward to use. The add-on will allow users to throw spawn eggs in high air . Previously, they could only be activated in front of you.

This gives players the opportunity to prank their friends by throwing eggs to summon creepers and other mobs.

Also, the new modification mechanic can be used as a weapon. After all, with the eggs of the spawn of aggressive creatures it is quite easy to defeat any enemy.


Many Minecraft PE users are familiar with the universe of the Pokémon series. In the Japanese franchise, special Poké Balls were used to create creatures. Now the similarity of these artifacts is available in the cube sandbox.

Information: Ordinary eggs can catch any mob in survival, and then summon it anywhere else. However, such a mechanic has a certain chance of being successful.

This means that the player may not catch the creature from the first. This feature adds balance modifications. Otherwise, it would be too easy to move the mobs wherever you like.


The next mod for Minecraft PE allows users to create spawn eggs in survival mode. To do this, you will need to get resources that are associated with the desired creature. For example, summoning an Enderman will require several pearls, a pig for meat, and a cow for leather.

To maintain game balance in survival, the creators of the mod added expensive ingredients to the recipes. These include diamonds and some of the game’s other valuable minerals.


  • What are spawn eggs for in Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to summon creatures.
  • How can you catch a mob in survival?

    This requires tapping an essentially regular egg.
  • What resources are needed to craft spawn eggs?

    Creating them will require resources associated with the particular creature. Also diamonds and expensive minerals.