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Download Minecraft 0.14.1 for Android : play with new elements of mechanisms, an achievement system and evil witches.

Changes after Minecraft 0.14.1 update?

The Mojang team, shortly after the release of MCPE 0.14.0 , unexpectedly releases a new update called Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.1. Its main task was to bring into the world of the game everything that was not added before .


First of all, the development team started adding to the game new elements of mechanisms , which were missing in the game during the already 13 alpha versions … However, even so, the new version could not please everyone, because pistons never appeared in the game.

You can use your entire arsenal to create traps or auto-build over great distances.

However, this does not prevent you from taking advantage of all that list of Minecraft 0.14.1 innovations, which you can read below:

  • double trap chests;
  • comparators;
  • repeaters;
  • distributors;
  • ejectors;
  • hoppers;
  • slime blocks;
  • minecarts with:
    • TNT;
    • funnel;
    • chest.

FACT: If a minecar with dynamite hits another minecart, it will explode in the same second.


New mobs in the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.1 universe that are aggressive towards the player. If you attack the witch in any of the ways, then she will immediately use the counter-potion , which will nullify all your efforts.

Watch out for the swamps, especially at night, because this old witch lives there.

By the way, in the witch’s hut you can find a cauldron that will allow you to dye leather armor.


Finally, the developers from Mojang came up with the idea of ​​ to introduce the achievement system into the mobile version of Minecraft 0.14.1 . After all, she helps beginners by showing them what to do and also encouraging them to complete new items.

Almost all of the 52 achievements in the game are those in the Win10 Edition. However, there are 8 new ones added specifically for this version of the game.


The developers do not forget about customization, especially if it is in a different project of the Minecraft universe – Minecraft Story Mode. Now you can try on yourself images of the main characters of this work from TellTale Games.


  • What is Minecraft Story Mode?

    This is a story-driven game from TellTale Games that develops over several episodes and tells the story of several characters.
  • Where can I find the witch?

    There are three options: to summon yourself with the help of a summon egg, meet at night and find a hut in the swamp.
  • How to change the skin?

    In the main menu, use the skins button and calmly change to any one you like.