Download Minecraft PE 0.3.3

Version MCPE 0.3.3 for Android

Download the full version of the Minecraft 0.3.3 update for Android and get acquainted with archery, a way to quickly grow trees and light up whatever you want with torches!

Minecraft 0.3.3 – What’s interesting?

On August 9, 2012, the development team from Mojang Studios released a new version of the global update. It was build Minecraft PE 0.3.3.

This time, many items have been introduced into the game, among which there is even a camera unique to the Pocket Edition.


Among the items in Minecraft 0.3.3, feathers, flint, bow and arrows appeared. Despite the apparent discrepancy, these items are directly related.

You can craft a bow from sticks and threads, and excellent arrows are made from the same sticks and flint with a feather.

The camera can only be obtained using the inventory editor. PocketInvEditor is a good example.


In Minecraft PE 0.3.3, new types of mobs have finally been added. Now a few friendly and a couple of hostile mobs will walk around the world of the game in survival mode.

The first type is a cow and a chicken, which will walk with pigs and sheep. If you kill them, then you can get the meat of the corresponding mob.

The number of hostile mobs increased by two. Now in Minecraft 0.3.3 it will be possible to meet spiders and skeletons at night hunting the player together with zombies.

Please note that spiders do not burn in the sun, but they do not touch you during the day if you do not disturb them.


Another important part of the entire Minecraft PE 0.3.3 update was the appearance of a drop. Now, killing many mobs will result in a drop.

This can be meat or bones used to create bone meal on a workbench.


The Mojang Studios team did not forget to add several types of resources to Minecraft 0.3.3.

Thus, in the game it will be possible to find, mine and process 5 types of ore:

  • coal;
  • iron;
  • gold;
  • diamond;
  • lapis lazuli.


  • Does the spider attack the player?

    If you do not hit this mob, the spider will not attack you, as it is a neutral mob, but only during the day. At night, he is in an aggressive mood.
  • How to get pork, chicken and beef in Minecraft 0.3.3?

    To do this, you need to kill the corresponding mobs and pick up the drop.
  • How to shoot a bow in Minecraft PE 0.3.3?

    Hold your finger on the screen and pull the string in this way while aiming at the same time. Also, do not forget that arrows are required for a bow.