Download mods for chests for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download chest mods for Minecraft PE and store your things in more reliable and capacitive items!

Chest addons for MCPE

As you know, in Minecraft PE there is only wooden chest . On newer versions of the game, shulker boxes and barrels also appeared.

But all of these storage methods are not entirely reliable. In addition, they often fill up and require more space.

The presented mods will fix all these problems by adding different blocks for storing things in MCPE.

Iron Chests

Extremely useful in survival mod that adds five new types of chests to Minecraft PE:

Type Number of slots Craft
Iron 54 Common chest + 8 iron ingots
Gold 81 Iron chest + 8 gold bars
Diamond 108 2 diamonds + gold chest + 6 glass blocks
Transparent 108 8 glass blocks + diamond chest
Obsidian 108 Diamond chest + 8 obsidian

The last 2 differ only in their features. The transparent chest has, accordingly, transparency . And obsidian, in turn, is is resistant to explosions .


If the player has created a chest in Minecraft PE and does not want to spend resources on a new one, then he can take advantage of the improvements.

They allow you to update a chest without creating a new one . Crafts of these items can be recognized in the pictures.

The mod requires Inner Core to work.

Useful chests

The best addon that immediately adds 7 types of new chests to Minecraft PE:

Type Description
Jewelry Nice chest to store things in. can be locked with a key , but destroyed with a crowbar.
Reliable Same as jeweller’s, but protected against breaking with a crowbar.
Composter Chest Performs the function of a composter several times faster and better.
Trash Ideal for garbage disposal in Minecraft PE.
Treasure Chest Randomly generated across the game world and stores valuable items.
Locked This chest is locked with a key. However, if other players have the key, they will be able to access the items inside.
Movable Ideal solution for travelers in Minecraft PE, since this chest follows the player . </ td >

To install the chest, you need to take it in your hand, and then sit down. A hologram will appear, indicating where the chest will appear after clicking on it.


The developer of this mod has implemented electric chests in Minecraft PE that follow the master . They are crafted in a workbench with 4 Redstone Dust, 2 Phantom Membranes, Fire Powder, and a regular chest. The resulting block must be placed on the ground and broken.

After that, an electric chest will drop out to you, which is tamed by the tension sensor . You can plant or raise a new pet with a redstone torch. The presented mob will carry any resources instead of the player.


  • How do I install Inner Core?

    You need to download it from Play Martet, then start and exit. Further, the folder in the archive must be moved to the path games / com.mojang / mods. If the mods folder does not exist, then it must be created. Then you just need to launch Inner Core and create a world.
  • How to find crafting recipes from the Addon Useful Chest?

    When you open your inventory, there will be a small chest icon in the upper left corner. There will be all the instructions for this addon, as well as crafting.
  • What version of Minecraft PE do I need to install for Inner Core to work?

    Any version will do.