Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft Wild Update with a working Xbox Live and study a completely blind, but with impeccable hearing mob – varden.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Mojang studio developers continue to delight their fans with a huge number of new products. This time, a new mob has been added to everyone’s favorite Minecraft – a warden, as well as a biome of deep darkness.

Also, the developers have fixed some shortcomings of previous updates. In general, the update turned out to be, as always, interesting and of very high quality.


A new mob that appeared with the release of Minecraft PE Varden Can be summoned both with the help of a summoning egg, and awakened in the gloomy depths. This can be done if players or other mobs make too much noise when they are close to rock blocks.

In this case, Varden will wake up from sleep and begin to climb out of the ground. It is noteworthy that the mob is absolutely blind. However, he has excellent hearing and scent, which he focuses on.

The mob has incredible speed and strength, so running away from it is pointless. It is also interesting that if you spawn a mob on the surface, it will start digging the ground in an attempt to descend into the caves.

Dark Depths

A rather rare biome that also appeared with the release of Minecraft The Dark Depths spawn deep underground and are not very large, except for ancient cities.

The Gloomy Depths are made up of different varieties of rock blocks and candles. Everything in this biome has its own gloomy and oppressive atmosphere.

Copper Horn

Players have the opportunity to craft an unusual, copper horn. Moreover, there are already 11 varieties of copper horn.

Each of them has its own unique melody, which changes depending on the location of the item. It can also become a beautiful interior decoration in the world of Minecraft PE