Download crawling mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download crawling mods for Minecraft PE and master many skills of stealthy movement in space.

Top Crawling Mods for Minecraft PE

The playable character Minecraft PE is capable of performing a large number of incredible actions . For example, lugging huge piles of iron ore or cobblestones with you. However, he still cannot crawl on surfaces.

The main character can only sneak, that is, crawl through spaces 1.5 blocks high. He has no way to bend his body completely.

Fortunately, there is a special mod that significantly expands the way players move . Thanks to this development, users will finally be able to crawl.

Smart Move

The presented mod is a prototype of a similar add-on for the old editions of the Java version of the game. Some of the added modification capabilities for Minecraft PE have already exhausted their relevance .

Important: The fact is that in the water update of the game, the developers changed the swimming animation. Because of this, the need for this add-on on new versions disappears.

Although the add-on brings some other features as well. It allows the user to jump three or four blocks . Also significantly increases running speed.

Yet the main function of the smart move mod is crawl . This mode can be activated by a combination of control keys.

Advanced Stealth

This advanced stealth mod brings almost the same features as the previous one. The addon differs only in in support of the most current versions of Minecraft PE . Users of the new editions also got the opportunity to crawl on surfaces.

Information: From now on it is not difficult to crawl through the gap in one block.

The main advantage of this mechanic is the ability to hide from evil mobs . Now only mini versions of hostile creatures will cause some inconvenience. Other mobs won’t reach you in narrow cover.


  • In which update branch for Minecraft PE did the developers update swimming?

    Mojang Studio did it in the water update.
  • What options does the mod give players for smart movement?

    The add-on allows users to jump high, run fast and crawl.
  • What is the difference between the advanced stealth modification?

    This addon is supported by the most current versions of the game.