Download crafting mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
Authors: Sprintermax, daljay_studios, Anonymous52.

Download crafting mods for Minecraft PE , and simplify your survival, because now you can create incredibly rare items right on the workbench from improvised means.

What are crafting mods for in Minecraft PE?

As long as Minecraft Pocket Edition knows itself, so many people are trying to create new crafts . And there are several reasons for this:

  • desire to get those items that cannot be obtained in any way in survival;
  • wanting to make it easier for yourself to memorize all the craft.

FACT: In MCPE, the crafting system appeared only during the 0.3.0 alpha test.

Create mobs

We think that everyone understands perfectly well that in Minecraft PE there is no opportunity to get the eggs of any mob call in a natural way . That is, found in the world or craft. And there are pretty good reasons for that:

  • it will ruin the whole atmosphere of the game;
  • interest in exploring and exploring the game world will disappear.

FACT: The first spawn eggs in the Pocket Edition of the game appeared in version 0.7.0.

However, there are also those players who think that being able to use the Summon Egg will improve the overall gameplay much more. For example, now you don’t have to constantly run after a pig or chicken if you want to eat meat.

You can use the egg on the block spawner, which will give you an endless source of mobs.

Recipe book

Until the recent updates to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players had to use both their own knowledge , and the help of friends or the Internet to learn how and from what can be made anything .

IMPORTANT: Be sure to set the interface mode to “Classic”, otherwise nothing will work.

Especially for newcomers to the world of survival this modification was developed. It allows you to quickly view a list of all available crafting. There is also an opportunity to look at what you can do in the future.

Unique Crafts

If you are one of those Minecraft Pocket Edition players who are rather lazy to engage in various exploration and battles , then we have something for you. Thanks to this addon, you can even create such things as totem of immortality or elytra .

This addon can be useful if you are very bad at fighting, however, you want to try new features in your vanilla world.

Reverse recipes

Reverse recipes mod allows Minecraft PE players to dismantle valuable items . You can get rid of the unnecessary and get resources back.

The presented crafting works only with tools and armor .
For example, you can take apart a diamond sword. This will require the weapon itself and four gold bars. After dismantling, you will receive two diamonds back.


  • How to install a mod in Minecraft PE up to version 0.17.0?

    To install the mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition, just download the file and open it in BlockLauncher.
  • How to install the addon in Minecraft PE after version 0.17.0?

    To install the add-on in Minecraft Pocket Edition, just download the file and open it in MCPE by tapping on it ..