Download furniture mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81
Chairs, computer, cabinets, child, furniture

Download furniture mods for Minecraft PE and create yourself the most comfortable conditions in the house for a comfortable game!

Furniture Mods – What for?

As you know, in Minecraft PE you can build unimaginable structures. However, players often encounter a shortage of blocks for decorating buildings. It is with the help of these modifications that this problem will be solved. Various furniture will appear in the game, ranging from from a regular chair to a computer .


An ideal solution for lovers of buildings in old versions of Minecraft PE. By installing this mod, the player will be able to arrange his home exactly as he wishes. The peculiarity of this modification is that it adds different furniture. For example, you can make a a bathroom or even a kitchen . Also, glasses of different colors are available as decoration.

The mod is in .modpkg format, which means that the textures will automatically install in Minecraft PE.


Quite a well-known and large-scale addon. Adds a large number of new blocks to Minecraft PE, most of which relate to furniture. With this addition, the player will have almost everything: chairs, tables, a computer and even a child . Do not forget about turning on the experimental mode in the map settings.

How can I get the furniture?

One of the distinguishing features of this addon is the the ability to craft furniture in Minecraft PE. The recipe is unique and requires clay and only 3 dyes: red, green and blue. After that, the player will have the opportunity to get any piece of furniture without resorting to creative mode.

Use the / give @s furnicraft: command to get items that are not in inventory in creative mode.


Although this part of the modification does not apply to furniture, it is a great idea for a cozy atmosphere at home in Minecraft PE. To begin with, you need Rose Gold , which is generated underground. Using this gold and diamond, you can get a ring. After that, you need to go to the village and trade with one of the residents. Upon reaching level 5, you can get a child by giving a ring.

Decorative furniture

Although this addon does not have a lot of furniture, it will still be very useful in Minecraft PE. Basically, all elements of this add-on refers to modern technology: computer, toaster, refrigerator . There is even a whole multimedia system, but it will require a lot of free space.

Loled Furniture

The Loled Furniture mod adds a huge amount of furniture and equipment to Minecraft PE. Refrigerators, chairs, sofas, tables and much more are waiting for you. The add-on even includes game consoles, mobile phones, computers and laptops.

Important: For the modification to work, you need to enable experimental modding capabilities.

Absolutely any item from the mod can be created in survival. In addition, the addon developer has added nice textures with RTX support .


  • Why are there so few furniture mods?

    It should be understood that furniture and decoration fashions are two different things. If you are looking for mods for decorations, then you can read our other article.
  • Why did the villagers disappear in the Furnicraft mod?

    It is assumed that you start a relationship through trade, after which a child appears.
  • Does this furniture have functionality?

    Yes. For example, you can sit on chairs.