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Download Minecraft 1.0.1 for Android with a working Xbox Live and move to a new dimension – the edge!

Minecraft PE 1.0.1 – What addons?

A new update branch, revolutionized in Minecraft PE. For the first time in the game, a powerful creature appeared – the Ender dragon.

Mojang, finally, for such a long time, natural constructions have been added – this is the city of the edge. They will be guarded by shulkers who, with their shells, will make them take off. All of these additions are related to the new “ Ender Update ” update branch, which sets itself the task of edge conversion .

Minecraft PE 1.0.1 version contains small changes, but thanks to them the transition to new update branch Pocket Edition will begin.

They will all be mob-related, but there are also small changes to the system.


Due to the non-standard and heavy 3D models of the Shulker and the Ender Dragon, a function has been added in the Minecraft 1.0.1 settings that allows you to adjust their drawing.

Note: This will allow weaker devices to work stably in the Nether.

Also, the developers took care of the variety of types of zombies and therefore increased the growth of the waste, due to which, it became taller than the zombie.

There was a minor change in the little resident. Now the proportion of head and body has the correct structure.

Game system

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.1 performance has increased thanks to important innovation – CDN . Its task is to compress files to avoid crashes in the game.

Info: CDN is a distributed network of infrastructures that allows for fast travel.

For weak devices in Minecraft 1.0.1, the principle of landscape regeneration has been changed. Thanks to him, phones with low requirements will work without crashes.

There are at least a few changes, but the next beta version of MCPE 1.0.2 will make a major update in the behavior of mobs, as well as in the acceleration of the game.


  • What's wrong with the interface?

    The new game menu was created to make it easier to navigate between tabs.
  • What's hidden in the Ender Cities?

    In the cities of the region you can find an incredible thing - wings.
  • What other natural structures are there?

    Also added a new natural regeneration to the game - the needle.