Download Minecraft PE 0.15.7

Version 0.15.7 for Андроид
Working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft 0.15.7 for Android : play with horses, new mechanisms and a set of textures.

Changes in the Minecraft PE update 0.15.7

The Mojang team has finally released a new release build Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.7. In the new version, players will have many innovations that will fill the whole game. Here you have mobs, mechanisms, textures, and optimization.

FACT: The MCPE 0.15 branch is the first to receive a named update – Friendly Update .


The developers have introduced into the game as many as five types of horses . Some of them, by the way, are generally exclusive , which appears only for a holiday.

Name Description Features Where?
Horse The most common horse Equipable Horse Armor The whole world of the game
Donkey Horse type, can be equipped with a chest Can carry cargo in a chest The whole world of the game
Mule Obtained by crossing a horse and a donkey. To do this, feed them a golden apple or carrot Can carry cargo in a chest Output yourself
Zombie Horse The kind of horse that is very unfriendly towards the players Cannot be fitted with anything other than a saddle Only appears on Halloween
Skeleton Horse The most common, notable for the fact that you can see through it Cannot be fitted with anything other than a saddle Only appears on Halloween


The new Minecraft update 0.15.7 also brought players new red dust elements . There were pistons introduced, as well as new block , about the purpose of which you can read a little below.


Mechanism of the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.7, which will allow you to safely use all your red dust builder abilities. Players will now be able to move various blocks to create incredible buildings. How do you, for example, an automatic or hidden door, or completely a house hidden under the ground ?

In the Pocket Edition, mincarfters have the ability to move not only regular blocks, but also entity blocks, that is, chests, anvils, etc.


Quite an interesting block for the whole Minecraft world, since Minecraft PE 0.15.7 was the first version in which they appeared. Their purpose is to read the change in the state of the blocks that are in front of their sensor and transmit the signal along the red dust circuit.

The big hole is the sensor and the small hole is the redstone output. Don’t mix it up, otherwise nothing will work.


In the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.7 update the Mojang developers were also able to add a new set of textures. It is called, by the way, rather uncomplicated – “Natural”.


  • How do I get achievements in the new version of the game?

    Login via Xbox Live and just create an ordinary world, without cheats and other things.
  • What's new in the Minecraft PE 0.15.7 update?

    A new set of textures has been introduced into the game, which will allow the player to see the game world much more natural.
  • How to use the observer in MCPE 0.15.7?

    Install the unit so that the large hole faces the unit you want, and move red dust to the opposite side.