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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.40

Version 1.16.40 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft 1.16.40 for Android with working Xbox Live : new mobs, blocks and much more!

MCPE 1.16.40 released – What’s new?

After a number of beta versions with bug fixes, the developers from Mojang Studios release Minecraft PE 1.16.40. This means that you can safely play with the Hellish update with a minimum of various lags and bugs.

Strider and Brutal Piglin

In Minecraft 1.16.40, five new mobs have appeared. Among them, the strider and the brutal piglin should be noted separately. While the former is absolutely neutral towards the player, the latter is extremely aggressive.

Strider can be tamed with a warped mushroom. And the brutal piglin cannot be distracted in any way, so he will always attack the player at the sight of him.

Brutal piglins have the most lives of any creature in the Hellworld.


Naturally, with the advent of new mobs, the developers have added biomes to Minecraft PE 1.16.40:

Title Description
Crimson Forest As you can tell from the name of this location, everything here is covered in red. Also, the crimson forest is home to hoglins and piglins .
Basalt delta The hottest spot in the Nether. Basalt delta is mainly inhabited by lava cubes. Here in the atmosphere there are also ash particles that fall on the player in Minecraft 1.16.40.
Valley of Soul Sand Quite monotonous terrain made up of blocks of soul sand. One of the most difficult locations for survival, as there are a large number of skeletons and ghasts.
Distorted Forest Unlike crimson, the distorted forest in Minecraft PE 1.16.40 is covered in blue. Favorite of Endermen .

Bug fixes

And, of course, they did not forget about the errors in Minecraft PE 1.16.40:

  • various kinds of crashes on IOS devices;
  • problems with losing connection on Nintendo Switch;
  • problems logging into your account.


  • How to control a strider in Minecraft PE 1.16.40?

    After taming, you need to install a saddle on it, and then control it with a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom.
  • Can hoglins be propagated?

    Yes, using crimson mushrooms, but you should do it with caution.
  • How to trade with piglin?

    You just need to come close to it with gold, after which a button for trading will appear.