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Download Minecraft PE for android for free and get acquainted with bees, hives, honey and other important changes!

How was the update released?

With the release of Minecraft , which was the beginning of the Bees & Honey update, work began to stabilize the game. Further beta releases will only fix bugs until the game is ready to branch out.


Mobs that behave as realistically as possible are now available in Minecraft PE

It’s all about a special behavior script that makes them pollinate flowers , create honey, be afraid of water, rain and attack other players if they harm the hive.


If there are mobs that can create something, then this always means that the release of new blocks is guaranteed. Bees in Minecraft create combs and honey. It is from these 2 components that the blocks will be made.


These are blocks with beautiful, lattice patterns, which are composed of honeycombs.

The creators decided to limit themselves only to the aesthetic nature of the honeycomb block, so at the moment it is decorative.


Although this block does not have the beauty of a cell phone, it is one of the most useful blocks . It can be used in mechanisms due to its property of sticking blocks to itself.

Trapped when you want to slow down your opponent and if your fall damage is reduced (damage is reduced to 80%).


The blocks that appeared in MCPE can be made by honey and honeycomb extraction. But where are they stored? For this, special houses were created for bees, in which they can store all this, as well as hide from threats. And these are wild and homemade hives.

Wild Hive

They can be found on any trees that are near the flower meadow. The creators have well thought out the regeneration of wild hives, because bees will not make sense if they do not fulfill their main function.

Hives can only be obtained in two ways – scissors and silk-touch weapons.

Fact: Interestingly, the bees and honey will stay inside the hive if you get it.

Homemade Hives

Remember that wild hives can only be obtained with scissors and silk-touch weapons. If in any other way, a whole swarm will attack you.

If you don’t want to risk it, just make a homemade hive. It can be created using 3 honeycomb and 6 boards (any). They will collect honey, just like in wild hives.

Character Editor

Editing skins without leaving Minecraft Bedrock is now a reality. Although only vanilla skins can be edited, you can still change Steve beyond recognition.

100 free items are at your disposal. Add a beard, change hair, change your hand to mechanical and resize the skin without any problems

Major changes in

Character Editor

A viral feature that absolutely everyone liked. But there was a bug due to which some models were not displayed correctly in the editor . In Minecraft, you can continue to enjoy it, because everything has been fixed

Cell & Honey Blocks

Previously, to craft a cell block, you needed 9 hundred. Now the number has been reduced to 4, as in the Java version.

Slime blocks and honey blocks no longer stick to each other when touched through the pistons.

Bee Errors

  • When flowers are pollinated, usually yellow particles appear. We made green ones especially for sowing herbs.
  • When filling the hive with honey, bees look for a new one. Those who took a very different time, therefore decided to reduce it.
  • Now you will not find yourself unpunished if you decide to collect honey at night. The bees attack immediately.
  • Mobs will now properly hover over flowers instead of near them.

Most of the work has been done on the innovations, which means a well done job of branch 1.13, which should have minimized the number of errors.