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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and try out the rolling blocks, wireless signal transmission, Render Dragon graphics engine and new items.

Beta Version of Minecraft

Developers from Mojang Studios have released a new version of Minecraft Caves and Mountains. This time, players can expect even more new features, blocks and items.

Also, the team has worked on changing the graphics engine. Now the gameplay of Minecraft PE will become even smoother and more optimized.

Rocking Blocks

One of the most important changes in Minecraft was the introduction of a new series of blocks – skalk.
Use them only in experimental mode.
Among the blocks you can find several functional blocks at once. For example, you can try out the new effect “Darkness” with the screamer.

The developers reported that they are not going to introduce this effect in the release version of the game.
Also the developers didn’t forget to add wireless signal mechanics.


New effect similar to blindness, which was implemented in the beta version of Minecraft PE
Its activation in the future will cause Varden to appear in the Ancient Cities Biome.

Render Dragon

Among the changes we can notice quite a big upgrade of the technical part of Minecraft Caves and Mountains.
Now the gameplay of the cubic world will become much smoother.
Also, the development team has new opportunities to change the appearance of the Sandbox.


The Caves and Mountains update has expanded with the introduction of new features for fans to explore the cubic world of Minecraft PE
With the Spyglass, you can see unique and useful structures from afar.
Such mechanics can be used to know in advance about the approaching enemy.
It is worth noting that to create a spyglass in Minecraft you need to use two copper ingots and one amethyst shard.