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Download vampire mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71

Download the vampire mod for Minecraft PE: terrifying and blood-sucking creatures are already waiting in the game!

The best vampire mods for Minecraft PE

The vampire mod is perfect for those who have already seen a lot in Minecraft PE. Very strong and terrifying creatures will appear in the MCPE world. Their strength level does not have any constraints , the attack can be not only physical, but also mental. For PvP lovers, this is a great mod to test your skills and abilities.

Head Vampire

Mod for the main vampire for Minecraft PE will allow players to become one of the most powerful bloodsuckers – Count Dracula .

Info: Count Dracula is an influential vampire and the main antagonist of the Dracula story.

He is considered to be the strongest and most important vampire of all. Installing this modification will give players immeasurable strength and power. Ender Dragon can now be taken out with one hit.

Despite such cheating abilities, Dracula has its weakness . When hitting the light, a certain amount of damage is dealt. Therefore, after installing the mod, will need to be nocturnal .

Player status information will be displayed on the left side of the screen. There will be stats for strength, stamina, health level and much more.


Now it will be possible to meet the vampire in person. The vampire addon will introduce a large number of blood-sucking creatures into the game.

These entities will attack peaceful mobs. As with all movies and stories, vampires need blood.

FACT : They take damage from sunlight and start burning for a while.

For those who enjoy hardcore and combat, it is recommended to challenge them at night. It is during this time period that they have brutal power that is not easy to deal with.

It is worth noting that the modification completely removes all types of zombies from the game. They will be replaced by vampires.

Minecraft PE will also have 2 new items that have their own functionality. The healing star has the ability to transform bloodsuckers into inhabitants. And the cloak allows you to fly over great distances, limited only by the maximum height of the Bedrock Edition blocks .


This vampire mod for Minecraft PE is fundamentally different from the previous ones. The add-on makes all players sensitive to sunlight . Because of this, it is very dangerous to walk in the daytime without protection.

In order not to be burned by the sun, the ghoul must wear a leather helmet . It will gradually lose its durability, so keep an eye on the condition of this item.